[clug] SCSI information

Michael Carden crash at michaelcarden.net
Thu Jan 6 08:58:43 GMT 2005

I'm looking for a good source of documentation on how a Linux kernel looks at 
SCSI devices.

My situation is that I have some Apple Xserve RAID that I'm looking at via Red 
Hat ES3 (2.4 kernel). One issue already is the fact that RHES3 can't 'see' 
the default 2.18 terabyte volumes that Apple sets up as defaults, so no 
partitioning or filesystem creation can happen until the default volumes are 
destroyed and replaced with smaller ones. But I digress...

Via Apple's fine Java-based[1] admin utility, I can create various LUNs from 
the RAID arrays. The LUNs exist and may be seen via the admin app or via the 
Fibre Channel HBA app that declares what's hanging off the HBA, but... I 
can't get the kernel to recognise anything more than LUN0 on either side of 
the Xserve RAID.

The setup is:

Dell PowerEdge 2500 with RHES3
Emulex HBA with LC-connected fibre to;
Brocade 3850 FC Switch
Apple 5600G Xserve RAID with two SFP/FC transceivers and fibre to the switch.

Now I accept that this comes about through my ignorance of the underlying 
processes here, so I have been studiously googling for clues but so far I 
have failed to uncover the secrets I need. 

Any suggestions?


[1] Looks fine under Java 1.4.2 but text boxes are broken under 1.5... er... 
Java 5...

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