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Tue Jan 4 03:45:27 GMT 2005

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> From: "Steve Walsh" <steve at nerdvana.org.au>
> Subject: [clug] Learning Python
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> Hi Folks
> I'm looking at delving into Python for some scripting stuff, as well as
> general coding, and I wondering if anyone can recommend a good book. At the
> moment, I'm looking at either;
> Dive into Python - Mark Pilgrim
> or
> Python Programming for the Absolute beginner - Michael Dawson.
> I have some coding experience, but that was back in uni, and I think it
> would be better to approach it from a complete newbie aspect, and see what
> I can dredge up from memory.
> If anyone has any suggestions, or are will to loan books, that would be
> great.
> Regards
> Steve.

There are a great variety of resources available for Python. A good starting 
point documentation area of its home page:


 or at its Wiki page:


or at the beginners section:


I know, several of the books are Online available @ www.ibiblio.org. 

Myself,  I've approx. ten different books, which you may borrow at any time.

For scripting purposes, there is even a special version called iPython, which 
supposedly could be use as a Bash replacement...



It really comes down to your point of interest. 

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