[clug] [FOR SALE] Well, not really, a REQUEST actually. RAM for Sun SS5

Paul Warren u3292467 at anu.edu.au
Sat Jan 1 05:46:23 GMT 2005

Paul Warren wrote:
> Hi there fellow cluggers,
> hope you had a merry christmas and are looking forward to a happy new 
> year :o)
> A While ago, I procured a Sun SparcStation 5, and have only now had time 
> to try and make it work.  I was going for a Solaris 8 install, just to 
> widen my systems admin skills, and will put linux on it eventually, (so 
> it can do something useful, like drive my labtam)
> The problem is it needs 64Mb of RAM and I've only got 32.  And it's a 
> crazy type of RAM that I don't have any spare sticks of,  It's _almost_ 
> like pc133, but the slots just don't quite line up.
> So, If anyone has some and would be willing to donate/sell (at least) 
> 32Mb of this crazy RAM, please contact me off list!

Solved!!! I now have a Sparcstation 5 with 112Mb of RAM running Solaris 
8, a Sparcstation 4 with 112Mb of RAM running Solaris 8, and a 
Sparcstation 4 with 128MB RAM running debian woody (3.0?)

> Also, if anyone has some exotic (ALPHA, Sparc, R9000, etc...) hardware 
> they don't want to store anymore, I'm looking for stuff, I have a little 
> bit of money, but not heaps.
i.e. Non x86 ;o) I'd really like an ALPHA 21264, but they aren't selling 
anywhere second hand :o(

So thanks to Ian and David.
Paul Warren
ANU Supercomputer facility, Access Grid Projects.
u3292467 at anu dot edu dot au

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