[clug] Stopping them at the door

Kim Holburn kim.holburn at anu.edu.au
Mon Feb 14 01:18:31 GMT 2005

I use the ipt_recent module.

After a certain number of say ssh attempts in a certain amount of time 
from an IP number I shun that IP number for say several days.


On 2005 Feb 14, , at 11:33 AM, Paul Wayper wrote:

> Hi there!
> As a good administrator, I read the nightly logs of attempted logins 
> and send a message to the abuse contacts for each IP that tries to do 
> a login scan of my machine.  All of the attacks I've seen so far are 
> just scans of common insecure logins, but what I'm worried about is 
> coming in in the morning to find the logs saying someone's bashed away 
> with a brute force password checker and found my password (they'll be 
> trying to find an eight letter made-up word, and I imagine if they 
> started a minute after I left in the afternoon they'd still be bashing 
> away on it by the time I came back next morning.)
> The question I have is: if someone's managed to get access to a 
> non-root account, how certain is it that they can get root access?  Is 
> it just going to be a matter of uploading a program or typing in a 
> special command, or is there something I can do to slow these types of 
> attacks down?  Is SELinux the answer?  Or is it just a matter of 
> picking good passwords for all the login accounts and hoping?
> On a related note, how do I lengthen the amount of time the system 
> stores the security logs?
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul
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