[clug] C++ programmer required for small consultancy

White, Gordon Gordon.White at act.gov.au
Mon Feb 7 02:12:03 GMT 2005

Hi Gordon,

That would be fine. Unfortunately I'm not intimate with peoples' skillsets,
so I can't recommend anyone to you. Alternatively, feel free to email the
CLUG list and just ask.



On Mon, Feb 07, 2005 at 10:56:43AM +1100, White, Gordon wrote:
> Dear Andrew,
> I work for the ACT Education Department.
> We have a problem with a reporting program that was written in C++ by a contractor for one of our schools. Three schools now use the program and will need to run reports by the end of the school term. The developer does not seem to have followed our guidelines in developing his system to connect to out main admin database which at the time, was Jet based. We are now converting the admin database to SQL and the reporting program doesn't work any more.
> Our environment is MS/.net and we have tried bug fixing the program and re-compiling it but have not had success. We feel that it will not be a big job to make the necessary changes but this is outside our skill set / environment.
> Would I be able to ask if there is anyone interested in doing the work at a CLUG meeting? (I used to come from time to time but haven't been in the last year or so.) Alternately would you be able to give me some names of people likely to be able to do the work, to save time?
> Regards,
>   Gordon WHITE
>  Manager IT Business Applications
> ACT Dept Education and Training
>      ph: 620 55407
>     fax: 620 59387
>  mobile: 0438 632 194
>  mailto: gordon.white at act.gov.au 
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