[clug] Security Miniconf at LCA2005

Michael Cohen michael.cohen at netspeed.com.au
Sat Feb 5 12:34:27 GMT 2005

Hi List,
   This is a quick email pimping the security miniconf planned to be
   part of the up and coming LCA2005. This is the call for papers. We
   encourage all sorts of security related papers, even if you yourself
   are not the primary developer for a specific project. If you feel you
   have something to share, please consider presenting at the miniconf.
   This is the official cfp from:

Call for Participation

Suggested topics include

    * Security features within Linux. This may cover PaX/Non executable
      stacks, GRSecurity, IPTables developments, security enhancements
      within applications such as apache, php, python etc.
    * Reverse Engineering technologies: This may cover both advances in
      reverse engineering of potentially malicious code, and advances in
      anti-reverse engineering technology for the Linux platform
    * Forensics and Incident response: This may cover tools and
      techniques for incident response of and using Linux systems. Talks
      may be presented on an introductory level (What every system
      administrator should know how to do) to an advanced level
      (tracking kernel space root kits).

Talks must be of technical nature aimed at developers/system
administrators. All speakers must have registered for Linux.conf.au.
Talks may either be 30,45 or 60 minutes in duration (including questions).

Abstracts should be sent to michael.cohen at lca2005.linux.org.au. Please
include the prefered duration and Audio Visual requirements.



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