[clug] Microwave/Wireless - DTV Overload

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au
Thu Feb 3 22:42:42 GMT 2005

Possibly, (of course, you meant 2.45GHz for wireless, not 1.2GHz - right?)

I would be _very_ cautious of any DTV tuner that was susceptible to
harmonics or IF interference, though. These are easy enough artifacts to
design against and with all the CE-style accreditation for consumer
electronics not to emit, nor be susceptible to reasonable emissions, I
would not think that you should see _any_ noticeble interference on your
DTV from either 802.11, or a microwave oven.

If your microwave is interfering with your DTV, this is a sure sign that
the microwave is _very_ sick and needs replacing  immediately.


Bob Edwards.

Neil Pickford wrote:
> Although Digital TV runs at lower frequencies (174-230 MHz VHF & 520-800 
> MHz UHF) than WiFi/Microwave (1.2 GHz) it is quite possible that the 
> first Intermediate Frequency used by the tuner card is in the 1200 MHz 
> area.  Thus strong local signals in this area of the spectrum will get 
> directly into the receiver chain. It depends on the topology of the 
> particular DTV tuner module that is in use as to how susceptible it will 
> be to WiFi overload.
> Bob Edwards wrote:
>> I'd be more worried about standing in the sun on a summer day for 15 
>> minutes
>> than being near an 802.11 wireless device for several years.
>> The amount of energy that a microwave is allowed to "leak" before it is
>> considered to be faulty is significantly more than the amount of energy
>> that a (non-modified :-) 802.11 wireless device can emit.
>> Digital TV runs at completely different frequencies.
>> Cheers,
>> Bob Edwards.
>> John Fletcher wrote:
>>> That's probably because they both run on the same frequency.  Which 
>>> kind of
>>> makes non-scientists like me wonder why I am shooting these microwave
>>> oven-like waves through my house... or the effect of shooting them 
>>> through
>>> our neighbourhoods.
>>> Fletch.
>>> Message: 8
>>> Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 18:06:44 +1100
>>> From: dave <davico at tpg.com.au>
>>>> Incidentally, my microwave is another story.
>>>> When it's running the wlan is cactus. (Digital TV is fine though) I 
>>>> don't stand too close that thing anymore...

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