[clug] Microwave/Wireless

bradh at frogmouth.net bradh at frogmouth.net
Thu Feb 3 06:15:06 GMT 2005

On Thursday 03 February 2005 12:22, Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au wrote:
> My personal rule of thumb for such exposure is that if the data is so
> inconclusive that it's hard to even mutter a "maybe" (for example,
> powerline radiation), I won't worry as the act of stressing about it is
> more likely to have health consequences.
> All the same, you won't see me rushing to live in a house under high
> tension powerlines when I can live in a house that *isn't* under high
> tension powerlines.
I lived near an ATC radar (SURAD, at RAAF Amberley). I could hear it come 
through on the clock radio beside my bed. When I drove past it, it came 
through on my car radio - even when I was playing a cassette tape.

Remember that power drops off with the square of distance and with increasing 
frequency- lying on an electric blanket that is turned on will get you very 
high E/H field exposure, probably more than any serviceable microwave...


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