[clug] sun OS assistance, solved

Adrian Blake adrian.blake at ieee.org
Thu Dec 29 09:06:38 GMT 2005

Problem solved, a hardware fault. /dev/sd2g mounted as ¨/backup¨. The 
odd thing was the main disk drive with all the essential partitions like 
root etc in device /dev/sd1x was physically located in an external box 
which also contained a backup tape device. No documentation to indicate 
this unusual physical arrangement.


Steve Jenkin wrote:
> Hi Adrian,
> I've worked on Sun gear, but don't know all the arcane trivia.
> Depends on what you problem is, or what you want to do.
> I'd be happy to give you what assistance I can...
> There are people on the Canberra AUUG list (& maybe PCUG) that would
> know more than me.
> cheers
> steve
> On Thu, 2005-12-29 at 14:20 +1100, Adrian Blake wrote:
>>Can anyone give me assistance with a problem on a SPARC station 1 
>>running sunos. I would prefer to talk via telephone. E-mail in first 
>>instance.  Thanks
>>Adrian Blake
>>Molonglo Radio Observatory
>>University of Sydney
>>1152 Hoskinstown Rd
>>Bungendore 2621
>>ph. 02 62382262  mobile 0407 232 978

Adrian Blake
Molonglo Radio Observatory
University of Sydney
1152 Hoskinstown Rd
Bungendore 2621
ph. 02 62382262  mobile 0407 232 978


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