[clug] achieving persistent device (disk) names

Michael James clug at james.st
Wed Dec 14 05:38:36 GMT 2005

As the names  /dev/sda,  sdb,  sdc, etc are allocated,
 the system disk keeps getting pushed to the end of the list.

This is a pain as I have to boot a rescue system
 and edit  /etc/fstab and /boot/grub/menu.1st

I'd like to offer the system some hints
 so it will always find it's system disk.
The data disks can be fixed up later.

Is udev the way to do this?

If it is, what udev rules will ensure a particular SYSFS disk
 ALWAYS comes out as /dev/sda?

Or if asking for  "sda"  is unwise, (it will probably already exist)
 is there a convention?  Something like  "/dev/root"  or  "/dev/system"?

I tried this in  "/etc/udev/udev.rules"  but nothing happened.
BUS="scsi", SYSFS{model}="PERCRAID Mirror ", NAME="root"

Konqueror has gotten so clever for its own boots
  that it has forgotten what a web browser is for.

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