[clug] December clug talk [party]

Pascal Klein 4pascal at tpg.com.au
Tue Dec 13 14:52:26 GMT 2005


Why won't I be at LCA 2006? Being 16 kinda sucks in that regard (and yes I am 
kicking myself for not getting to the 2005, local one either).

As for the talk, at the party - sure. I'll probably bring an ITX box with 
Ubuntu on it to just hook up with the projector. The talk is easy going, 
nothing complex (no algorithms and so forth...). :)
Oh, for the talk having an internet connection would be grand.

As for party gear, given a bit of luck and generosity of mum I could possibly 
organise several extra chairs and whatnot else.

Special events to celebrate from 2005:
 * GNOME 2.12!
 * KDE 3.5!
 * Novell opens Suse and founds OpenSuse.

And of course, the Breezy Badger needs to be celebrated.

Pascal Klein

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