[clug] garage clean up

Wally wally at wic.net.au
Sat Dec 10 04:45:45 GMT 2005

Hi all,


Having a little clean up. I have a few things that a free to the first
person to take them away or they will end up at the tip


1x Panasonic S110 21" monitor. Suit someone who has the time to fix it.
There was a crackling sound coming from the monitor up until the picture
died completely. My suspicion is that the HT has shorted somewhere.


1x Compaq Pentium Pro 133mhz (dual capable) 128Mram/cd/floppy 5Urackmount


1x MTI SCSI raid array case, 2x 9G drives 4U rack mount case


Dead 3kVA UPS's 


I also have boxes of old parts, cables, PC cards, etc 




I have some other things that I plan to list on ebay. People are welcome to
make a cash offer ;). These bits include:



CISCO 2501 router (has Firewall OS)

CISCO 3000 Router (old)

12 & 24 port rack mount hubs (10Mb)

Number of Cat5 cables

Home made rack of 16x 33.6k modems

P2 motherboards, cases, CPUs etc...






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