[clug] strange network behaviour

nic n.cherbuin at anu.edu.au
Fri Dec 9 04:17:07 GMT 2005

Steve Walsh wrote:

>Try a nslookup/dig on the Win2k/linux boxes, and that will tell you if you
>are getting DNS timeouts, blocks or the like.
Yes, I have tried nslookup and it times out on the client machines for 
this site but obviously not for others.

>If you are getting timeouts, I would think the problem is with your firewall
>block rules, but check your resolution first, then look at firewall logs to
>see if it's dropping packets.
Why would it be dropping packets for this site but not others given that 
there is not specific block for this address?

I have not been able to see blocked packets in the firestarter GUI that 
I could associate with the dnslookup but my knowledge is limited so 
maybe I did not go about it in the right fashion. How do I know that a 
blocked packet is related to my problem?

Is it possible that the dnslookup just takes too much time for this site 
with my present settings?



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>Subject: [clug] strange network behaviour
>I am unable to access the site www.ibiblio.org from my home network.
>Initially I thought that the site was down but soon realised that I
>could access the site from my firewall but not from the other computers
>on the network (linux or windows 2k) where firefox tells me that the
>site cannot not be found. This has never occurred with any other site
>that I know of, although it may have happened with "small" sites and I
>have interpreted this as the site no longer being online..
>I thought that the problem was related to name resolution so I entered
>the ip address in the client's browsers and was able to access the home
>page. I have the feeling that the dns lookup times out but I do not know
>what to do next...
>My firewall runs firestarter on Fedora 3 and is very simply setup with
>most ports blocked by default.
>Any ideas on where to start?
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