[clug] Laptop without paying the windows tax

Ben shadroth at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 13:48:24 GMT 2005

Hi Paul,
Often the manufacturer has the laptops configured with software, so
it's not the store's fault. Your best bet is to get an ODM(Original
Device Manufacturer) Laptop. Most of these can be ordered without

I've just settled on a laptop/projector combo for a client, but the
laptop was $3k (a near top of the line Turion 64 system), so I've been
looking around a lot at models if you're having trouble deciding.

The best place for ODM laptops I've found is www.bestdeal4u.com.au,
the staff are great and they're able to get pretty much anything in.
There's a few others out there. Just try searching for the ODM brands
on www.staticice.com.au or www.ausprices.com.au. Some ODMs are listed
at www.tuxmobile.com, but Best Deal 4 U has a list of the ones
available in Australia, and a price for at least one non-OS laptop on
their site.

I also found this site while I was looking around:
http://www.vgcomputing.com.au/, who offer Linux, Windows or OS-free

If you'd rather buy a different laptop and you want a refund for Windows, see:
but from what I gather, if you're time is worth anything, you're
financially better off just paying the extra.



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