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Kim Holburn kim.holburn at anu.edu.au
Thu Dec 1 04:00:24 GMT 2005


rtfm: man bash (search for "exec " without the quotes):

       exec [-cl] [-a name] [command [arguments]]
               If  command is specified, it replaces the shell.  No  
new process


               not  be executed.  If command is not specified, any  
               take effect in the current shell, and the return   
status  is  0.
               If there is a redirection error, the return status is 1.

On 2005 Dec 01, at 2:52 PM, Tony and Robyn Lewis wrote:

> In a bourne shell, I want to make all stderr (and stdout) go to  
> files, *from within that script* - i.e. the standard redirection  
> won't cut it.
> For example, if something like "File does not exist" is written to  
> stdout in my script, because it tries to run some non-existent  
> command, I want that to go to a file that I nominate, *from within  
> the script*
> pseudoscript:
> #!/bin/sh
> redirect_my_std_err /tmp/mystderr
> /run/this/missing/command
> exit 0
> I want the error of "sh: /run/this/missing/command: No such file or  
> directory" to end up in /tmp/mystderr
> Any clues?
> If you're curious why, it's because I've got a gazillion scripts  
> that I'm tidying up, and I want to generalise the stdout and stderr  
> of these things to go to a file that I can then mail to someone and/ 
> or append to some larger log file - a logging wrapper script.
> It's all working well for capturing stdout and stderr of the target  
> script (simple redirection), but not if something generates an  
> error within the log wrapper, such as being unable to find /  
> execute the target script/
> Clear?  Good.
> Pointers appreciated.
> Tony
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