[clug] shell stdout and stderr

Tony and Robyn Lewis beakysnugger at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Dec 1 03:52:17 GMT 2005

In a bourne shell, I want to make all stderr (and stdout) go to files, 
*from within that script* - i.e. the standard redirection won't cut it.

For example, if something like "File does not exist" is written to 
stdout in my script, because it tries to run some non-existent command, 
I want that to go to a file that I nominate, *from within the script*



redirect_my_std_err /tmp/mystderr
exit 0

I want the error of "sh: /run/this/missing/command: No such file or 
directory" to end up in /tmp/mystderr

Any clues?

If you're curious why, it's because I've got a gazillion scripts that 
I'm tidying up, and I want to generalise the stdout and stderr of these 
things to go to a file that I can then mail to someone and/or append to 
some larger log file - a logging wrapper script.

It's all working well for capturing stdout and stderr of the target 
script (simple redirection), but not if something generates an error 
within the log wrapper, such as being unable to find / execute the 
target script/

Clear?  Good.

Pointers appreciated.


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