[clug] Recommendations for DynDNS?

Tony and Robyn Lewis beakysnugger at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Aug 28 12:06:35 GMT 2005

Conrad Canterford wrote:

>On Sun, 2005-08-28 at 10:55 +1000, Brett Worth wrote:
>>I use zoneedit to host my domain.
>As do I.
Me three.

I like the fact that they'll host your own domain, not just 
<domain>.dyndns.org.  My beef is that sometimes their zone transfers 
between themselves (from one nameserver to another) take a while 
(days).  So one NS is right, and another is wrong.

Twice I've contacted them and they've fixed it but haven't given me 
confidence that the underlying problem is fixed.

Works a treat with ddclient, which is the biz (mentioned in other posts).

I recently tried out hammernode (www.hn.org) in parallel, but either 
ddclient doesn't like updating to two different providers at once, or 
hammernode isn't doing the right thing with my updates.


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