[clug] Recommendations for DynDNS?

Michael Manning michael at michaelmanning.org
Sat Aug 27 22:30:00 GMT 2005

Hi there.
I have used "ddclient" now for about three years without any problems at 
all. It can get your IP from numerous different routers and modems and 
even updates the DynDNS services every 15 days to keep them happy and 
not let your entry expire.
I use the source from sourceforge here
which is simple to install.

It provides the SYS V init scripts a simple perl script to place in the 
executable path a single config file.
HTH :-)

Michael Manning

Email: michael at michaelmanning.org
Website: http://michaelmanning.org/

Donovan J. Edye wrote:

>Have a dynamic IP ADSL connection and want to run some servers. Any
>recommendations on a free DynDNS?

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