[clug] clug podcasts

Pascal Klein 4pascal at tpg.com.au
Sat Aug 20 10:00:02 GMT 2005

Just an idea, greatly inspired by lugradio[.org] (bunch of rowdy Brits talking 
open source and linux) - anyone interested in podcasts, podcasting and 
possibly doing something along those lines together?

I thought with the large variety of opinionated people it would be quite fun 
and interesting to record a bit of a topic of discussion, or some-such?

Oh, and if anyone here is interested in LugRadio, check it out. If you like it 
I'm happy to burn cds (the first season is 20 something episodes and 450 MB).

Have a good one,

Pascal Klein
Wombat - [http://wombat.nuxified.com]

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