[clug] user mode network directory sharing?

Hugh Fisher hugh.fisher at anu.edu.au
Thu Aug 18 07:35:06 GMT 2005

Alex Satrapa wrote:

> Not TCP as such, but what about using smbfs over openvpn?
> Your machine is configured as a Samba server and OpenVPN end point.  
> Other end connects using OpenVPN, then mounts the Samba share using  smbfs.
> smbfs has the shortcoming of squashing all access to the same user/ 
> group, and IIRC the same permissions for everything - so it can be a  
> pain sometimes. At least it's easier to set up and a little quieter  
> than NFS.

By "user mode" I mean that installation and execution is done
entirely by a normal user, no root privileges required. My
impression is that openvpn has to be installed by root. Hmm,
never tried running smbd as a normal user...

	Hugh Fisher

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