[clug] user mode network directory sharing?

Robert Edwards Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au
Wed Aug 17 05:52:49 GMT 2005

An obvious answer would be Samba/SMB.

Another solution, which I have been favouring, although it is not a
file service and hence would require re-coding of applications, is to
use a database, such as PostgreSQL, to manage centralisation of data.
Provides TCP, authentication, authorisation and data management.


Bob Edwards.

Hugh Fisher wrote:
>  From time to time I run a 3D cyber world demo that relies on multiple
> hosts being able to load data files from a shared directory, with
> changes to data files being propogated automatically in real time.
> So far this has always been in student labs with NFS.
> For remote collaboration I'd like to be able to share one directory
> over TCP with another (known) host for a given session, lasting no
> more than a few hours at most. The shared directory won't/shouldn't
> have any devices or other special files in it, and no access beyond
> that of a regular user is required.
> Anybody know of such a "server"?

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