[clug] logging installation steps

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Tue Aug 16 00:58:26 GMT 2005

Thanks to everyone who provided suggestions, script was exactly what I was

And when I was done perusing the typescript file, the very last bit of
information was that the writer has now included a logging function that can
be invoked with a --logfile flag.

them's the breaks, I guess.

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Nerdvana - Steve Walsh wrote:

>Hello Cluggers
>I have the need to monitor the running of a shell script to ensure
>successful installation. What I do now is;

>Does anyone have ideas on the best way to log something like this for later
I would use screen to make a detachable terminal, optionally logging to
file with -L, and run it from within there with "sh -x"


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