[clug] Re: August meeting talk

Robin Shannon robin.shannon at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 13:26:01 GMT 2005

On 8/15/05, Michael Carden <crash at michaelcarden.net> wrote:
> Has anyone filled up the August meeting talk spots?
> I can offer a few insights into the National Archives' approach to Digital 
> Preservation if there's any interest. Our three principal pieces of software
> are open sourced and hosted on sourceforge. We have recently completed the 
> design, construction and fitout of a prototype digital repository facility.
> I 
> built all the systems in this, so I know the guts of it pretty well.
> With the systems hardware pretty stable now, I have been plonked into the 
> application development sphere where I'm apparently in charge of our 
> preservation software development.
> We use java for cross platformness among other things and OpenOffice is a
> key 
> part of the picture. 
> It's not all Linux, but there's an important Linux facet and it's all open 
> source.
> Is anyone interested?
> MC

Very. I havent managed to get around to a clug yet, but that sounds
interesting enough i might try.

paz y amor,

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