[clug] logging installation steps

Sam Couter sam at couter.dropbear.id.au
Mon Aug 15 13:17:09 GMT 2005

Nerdvana - Steve Walsh <S.walsh at nerdvana.com.au> wrote:
> Hello Cluggers
> I have the need to monitor the running of a shell script to ensure
> successful installation. What I do now is;
> #mkdir /home/whm
> #cd /home/whm
> #wget http://install.example.com/latest
> #sh latest

> Does anyone have ideas on the best way to log something like this for later
> inspection?

Not best, but easiest way may be to replace the last line with something

sh -x latest > logfile 2> errfile

The -x tells the shell to echo each command before it's run. It's
usually used for debugging.
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