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Jeremiah Booleans at desilets.com
Fri Aug 12 12:53:59 GMT 2005

Major News for MiDX was released.
Big exposure tomorrow. Don't miss this watch...
Live audio interview with the CEO has been released. 
Make sure you go listen now. Big exposure for tomorrow. 
Put MiDX on those RADARS now.

MidNet, Inc.

Recently News was released about MIDX's Platform To Be Used By 
"The Alliance for a New Humanity" 
Whose President Is Deepak Chopra MD! 
Deepak Chopra MD - An acclaimed Author And Spiritual Leader

The Time to Look at MIDX is Right Now!

More Big News for MiDX has been released 

SmallCapVoice Features Interview With MidNet CEO Tilo Kunz
CEO Presents Company Overview and Discusses introduction of the beta version 
of a software-based "media phone" 

(Go to yahoo or any financial site to read the entire news release now.  
This could be huge exposure for MiDX)

MidNet, Inc.

Using patented Digital DNA technology, The Middle Network provides customers 
with unparalleled levels of closed-loop security for data, reinforcing anti-piracy, 
copyright control, privacy and security measures.

If we need to explain how important security, copyright control and privacy are 
then we need to give up now! Anti-piracy? Losses due to piracy are off the charts...  
We all know that!

More News was released 

Today after the stock markets closed, MiDX, MidNet Inc., the company issued 
a press release announcing that CEO Tilo Kunz, does a featured audio interview 
with SmallCapVoice and Discusses introduction of the beta version 
of a software-based "media phone" Make sure you go listen to this interview ASAP.

News of this new media phone should be welcomed by investors, 
as the company's Middle Network continues to gain exposure! 
SmallCapVoice means more EXPOSURE for MiDX. 

The Middle Network
MidNet's The Middle Network acts as an affordable and secure network 
operating environment, a private "middle layer" between 
communication infrastructure companies and application services. 
Its breakthrough technological capabilities provide fast, private, secure, 
high-capacity transmission of mission-critical information.
After more than 3 years of development, MidNet debuted 
The Middle Network in September 2004, rolling out in seven major North American 
centers.Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton. 
The company plans to expand the network to London plus 35 additional markets 
in North America.

Building Customer Acceptance in Niche Markets (MiDX is not in the dream stage)
MidNet has signed agreements and begun providing private network services 
to major players in both the entertainment and oil and gas sectors. These customers 
include Technicolor Creative Services Canada and Rainmaker Limited, 
two of Canada's largest video post-production companies. 
Another key customer is Kelman Technologies Ltd., a provider 
of seismic processing services to the energy industry and a member 
of Canada's Tech 100. This year MidNet is targeting approximately 25 companies 
in the entertainment industry and 150 businesses in the energy sector. 
More customers in other industry sectors will follow.
In the film industry alone.representing only a subset of MidNet's customer 
base.the revenue potential for collaborative media creation services is estimated 
by Frost & Sullivan to be $1.5 Billion US annually with market acceptance currently 
at 10% and anticipated yearly increases of 50%. The demand for fast, secure, 
big-pipe transactions is increasing at an explosive rate. The Company is confident 
it can provide the means to support this pace and capitalize on its growth. 

Make sure you take the time to read current news releases. There are many!  
You will not want to miss this watch for tomorrow, so Put MiDX on your Radar's 
right now and make sure you watch out for tomorrow.

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