[clug] Portable Audio Players

Red Phoenix intersect at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 22:58:20 GMT 2005


Got a freebie from the sourceforge 'linux on power' contest six months
back. I'm tempted to install the ipodlinux stuff on it - it's a mini
though, and the new kernel isn't quite 'ready to rock' (sorry..
couldn't help myself) on the minis apparently.

As good as the hype: If it's one thing that Apple are good at, it's
hype. Strangely enough, they actually tend to live up to it most of
the time. :) It's a nice bit of hardware, that is a pleasure to use -
and the fact that they're just about everywhere means that there's
good linux support for them though things like gtkpod (if you aren't
running ipodlinux).


> Do any cluggers have an iPod? Are they as good as the hype? Ever tried
> the iPodLinux hack/firmware?
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