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Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
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Yet again, Bob is on the money when it comes to Linux in small Audio


"iPodLinux is currently safe to install on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation
iPods. We are currently accepting Donations towards the purchase of a fourth
generation iPod for us to test with. The fourth generation click wheel,
mini, U2, Photo, and Shuffle iPods are NOT currently supported. "

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Paul Wayper wrote:
>>It MUST have support for OGG Vorbis files and preferably
>>FLAC as well. I would like a 20G or larger HD. An inbuilt
>>FM transmitter (to send the music to the car radio) would
>>be a big plus. Linux support and/or firmware on the device
>>would be nice, but not absolutely necessary. I'd like to
>>keep the price under $500(AU) if I can.
> The device you want is a Rio Karma.  It's a 40GB player
> that's smaller to hold than an iPod, features a very useful
> 'stop' button, and supports OGG, FLAC, WMA, AAC, MP3 and
> uncompressed WAV.  It uses a Java client to run under Linux
> and MacOS, as well as a Windows application.  You can use
> 100baseT or USB2, but only the former for Linux.  I bought
> mine through eBay from a guy in Sydney for approximately
> $300 - while this is a little expensive it is no better than
> trying to import a Karma from the states and far cheaper
> than an iPod.
> It doesn't have an internal FM transmitter, but you can pick
> up a Belkin Tunecast II for $45.
I don't think you'll find any Personal Audio player with a
built-in FM transmitter (but correct me if I am wrong).

Isn't there a project that installs Linux on an iPod, so then
you should be able to play OGG and FLAC, with the appropriate
codecs installed.


Bob Edwards.

> HTH,
> Paul

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