[clug] Odd networking!

Doychi doychi at doychi-dina.ath.cx
Mon Aug 8 05:17:41 GMT 2005

Hi All,

I have a problem with a Debian box (thiazi) seeing the gateway (GW). 
Thiazi can ping any box on the intranet, except the GW, by IP but not name.
 Any other box on the intranet can ping Thiazi by name or IP and the GW by
name and IP.  The GW can ping any box on the intranet, but Thiazi.

I can't see anything obvious in the logs, but then again I'm not sure which
logs to look at.  I guess I should note that I have tried using both static
and dynamic IP assignment for Thiazi, both with the same result.

Thiazi can't get to the internet by IP or name.

Does any one have any suggestions?
spdoychiam at doychi-dina.ath.cx

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