[clug] Replacing laptop hdds

richard reynolds richard.reynolds at usa.net
Thu Aug 4 16:15:36 GMT 2005

> I've got a laptop which, when using smartctl shows the following:

193 Load_Cycle_Count        0x0012   022   022   050    Old_age  Always   F=

> The value steadily decreases, I expect it to hit zero in a few weeks.
> However, I can't find any details about what this attribute means or
> whether it's really fatal. It's behaving normally, no kernel error
> messages. It's had 2279 power cycles and has been on for 11290 hours
> (470 days) all up.

I have no clue here....

> Anyway, it's a Dell Inspiron 4000, I was wondering if anyone had
> upgraded/replaced the hard drive in their laptop and if it's easy
> enough to do with just a screwdriver. The comments on the web seem
> simple enough.

however i have lots of clues here :D  yea its really just that easy, it does
take a smaller screwdriver but just a #1 not a jewlers screwdriver.
additionally if you want to preserve the data you can get an external usb
adapter do the dd thing, then use the older drive until it fails.  while
your at it you probibly should consider opening all of the covers and
blowing some air thru there to clean out the dust :D

> As an aside, I just had a brand new hard disk die on me, just after
> accedently setting it and the other disk on the same chain both as
> master at the same time. I've never had that happen to me before,
> fluke, or something else?

depends there are drives that dont take to that that well, but ive never
heard of the drive totally dieing generally it wont boot and some data could
be lost if it did.

richard reynolds
richard.reynolds at usa.net

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