[clug] Drive failure

Joel Plane joel.plane at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 12:29:38 GMT 2005

Fujitsu hey? I've had several Fujitsu HDDs fail on me. Perhaps not a 

peter wrote:

> A friend has just had a five year old, 40Gb Fujitsu hard drive fail 
> with  no warning.
> All attempts to rescue the data on the drive were fruitless, as it 
> would  not even spin up.
> Google found some Australian sites offering professional data 
> recovery  <approx.$800> and the information that the main chip on the 
> drive  controller was known to fail on a range of Fujitsu drives. To 
> make matters  worse, you cannot just swap the board for a known good 
> one, and when the  chip fails, it writes gibberish to the drive.
> So the moral of the story is; always do your back-ups, and think 
> about  replacing that old drive.
> Pete

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