[clug] How to gain non-root read access to external HD

Boris Rousak linworld21 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 29 06:57:57 GMT 2005

I haven't played with FC3 but it sounds like you have encountered an automounter for autofs. The following website gives you some idea of how to configure it: http://www.linux-consulting.com/Amd_AutoFS/autofs.html
but it seems to basicly boil down to making a permanent entry into your /etc/fstab (rather then letting automounter do it ) with an -ro option.
Let us know how it works out.

Pearl Louis <pearl.louis at gmail.com> wrote:
Here's the situation. Fedora 3 automatically detects my external hard
drive. Yay! However, it won't give me non-root read access. I don't
really want write access as it is an ntfs partition and I'd rather not
see my mp3 collection and my data from my PhD work and all the drafts
of my papers and my thesis go up in smoke. Most of my music
collection is on the external hard drive and I would dearly love to be
able to play said mp3s without logging in as root. Now, Fedora 3
automatically puts this entry into fstab when I plug in the hard

/dev/sda1 /media/ieee1394disk ntfs 
_u:object_r:removable_t,managed 0 0

Obviously it is not a simple matter of changing fstab but doing
something with whatever program is automatically mounting the drive
and writing the lines to fstab when I plug in the hard drive. Any

BTW this is the Maxtor I asked about earlier. For those who are
curious, it obviously works well with Linux :)

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