[clug] Your mission, if you chose to accept...

Frank Turcic turcic at internode.on.net
Fri Apr 29 04:30:41 GMT 2005

.is to assist me with installing some kind of linux distro onto my brand new
Sony VAIO VGN-S38GP.  I was impressed with the amount of laptops that were
running Debian/FC3 at last nights CLUG meeting that I insisted to do the
same with mine.  This is the first time I will attempt to install linux onto
a laptop although I do have a fair amount of knowledge installing linux
distros onto PCs (IPCop, RedHat, Fedora Core X, and Mandrake) 


Here are the overall specs:

CPU:                Pentium-M 1.73GHz (Centrino)

RAM:                1GB

Ethernet NIC:     IntelR PRO / 100 VE

802.11x NIC:     IntelR PRO / Wireless 2200BG

Bluetooth:         (unknown - will get back to you on this one)

Firewire:            Texas Instruments (unknown model)

Modem:            HDAUDIO Softv92 Data/Fax

Video:               NVidia Geforce GO 6200 (128MB)

LCD:                 Sony Notebook LCD (1280x800) - 13.3" wide screen


What kind of approach should I have within doing this?  Pick a certain
distro, install, and see what happens?  What approach have other laptop
users taken when installing linux onto their laptops?

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