[clug] Fonts problem

Dody Suria Wijaya dodysw at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 00:17:33 GMT 2005

that's exactly what happened to mine (Notebook, 1024x768, Mandrake10, 
Gnome, after following X "uglyness" font fixing somewhere on Internet, 
turn on anti-alias).

Someday, I got the chance to borrow an iBook, then compare it side by 
side, it seems that the "shady" but anti-aliased font has a striking 
resemblance to OS X's. That is, the blackness of the font is more like 
dark grey than black. Compare side by side to Windows (esp with 
ClearType on), windows font does better job rendering smaller font, and 
it's much more sharper and more black than those previous two.

But on windows, this also happen on certain application, esp one that 
does its own custom font rendering. Acrobat Reader or Microsoft 
ebook/reader.  They define that shadyness as comfortable to read, and I 
agree, it is easy to read. But somehow, applying that to the whole GUI, 
doesnt. I guess this may be caused by the font size. Shady font is not a 
good idea if the font is small.

After a while, it's not so bad. But switching back and forth to Windows, 
can't help to notice the aargh shady font.

>occurs for both Gnome and KDE.  Basically, the fonts look fuzzy.  As I
>stare at the letters in this email in Firefox it seems that the
>characters are two different shades of black.  It makes it tiring to
>look at the screen.  The problem doesn't appear in Windows when I run
>it at the same resolution.  This is probably the worse problem of the
>two as the white line is bearable but the fuzzy fonts really do make
>Fedora very difficult to use.
>Thanks in advance for any help on these problems (esp. the second one).

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