[clug] Does MSN 7.0 run under Codeweavers crossover?

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Wed Apr 27 08:14:09 GMT 2005

I use Kopete or Kmess quite happily under KDE to talk to people on MSN. I
haven't tried nudges, but from memory Kopete has a bunch of extra features
buried in some menus some where.

Have you tried the installer under WINE?

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For my daughter, MSN is the killer app.
If there was a Linux equivalent I could wean her onto a decent OS.

But I'm not talking any 6 bit text messaging client!
Got to be MSN 7.0, being able to sent nudges is important.
(I mean how yesterday is the Mac MSN 6 client?)

So, is there any way of running it within Linux?
eg: Anyone got any experience running it under crossover?

If it works; buying crossover is no problem,
  I'm happy to pay (anyone but microsoft)
 anything (less than the cost of Windows).

VMware is no solution, it involves all the pain of windows
 (you have to both administer AND use it, yuk)
 with more than the usual linux pain.
( every kernel patch it's:
	su root
	cd /usr/src/linux
	make cloneconfig
	make modules_prepare

	vmware  (and start to wait)


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