[clug] partition tables in memory

Tony and Robyn Lewis lewis at tonyandrobyn.com
Sat Apr 16 12:36:58 GMT 2005

Kim Holburn wrote:

>> Is there any way to get the kernel to reread the partition table or 
>> do I have to do the windows thing and reboot (and lose my uptime;-( )?
I'm pretty sure there is a command, I came across it studying for the 
RHCE, and said "must remember that".  Didn't. :-(

Someone commented on upgrading your fdisk.  From man fdisk (in Ubuntu 
       A sync() and a BLKRRPART ioctl() (reread partition table from 
disk) are performed before exiting when the partition table
       has  been  updated.   Long ago it used to be necessary to reboot 
after the use of fdisk.  I do not think this is the case
       anymore ...

You might also try (untested by me):
       blockdev --rereadpt

HTH and long live the uptime,


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