[clug] A New Users perspective on Linux

Simon Haddon simon at sibern.com.au
Sat Apr 16 00:08:01 GMT 2005

Hi Andrew,

Not trying to start any wars or anything but I feel that giving advice 
about not really needing to protect yourself because it is Linux is 
dangerous cause it can lead to a state of complacency.  I personally 
feel that you can't be too carefully when connected to the Internet or 
if you have Wireless running.  Yes you are right that Linux is not as 
susceptible as MS Windows is, but it is still prone to hacking.  I also 
agree with you sound advice about running only those services that you need.

Whatever OS your running you need to do more than just rely on the OS to 
protect you.  Granted there are not many (if any) viruses written for 
Linux) bu there are still tonnes of root kits that work if you are not 
protected properly.

The simple fact however is that nothing beats a separate firewall that 
blocks everything coming in except for any special ports that you must 
have open.  I have had a Linux box hacked that I though that I bolted 
down tightly but before I had a firewall.  Since the firewall I have had 
allot less problems.


Andrew Pollock wrote:

>On Wed, Apr 13, 2005 at 05:50:42PM +1000, Ian Bardsley wrote:
>>As a new subsciber to CLUG I thought I would share the following.
>>[snipped heaps]
>>[/end if snipping]
>>To conclude.  Is Linux a viable alternative to Windows for the non IT 
>>industry user....Yes.... although not quite yet for those with no PC 
>>If there are other newcomers to Linux out there who may have experienced 
>>problems, I hope this mail gives them encouragement to persist and learn.
>Good on you for persisting.
>As others have pointed out, anti-virus and spyware software isn't really
>necessary. You don't even need a firewall if you're sensible about what
>services you run on your computer, but look at fwbuilder. The user interface
>for it isn't too bad from memory.

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