[clug] free old Sun stuff - 3/80s, SS 1+, SS 10

Jason Ozolins Jason.Ozolins at anu.edu.au
Fri Apr 15 07:11:59 GMT 2005

Hi folks,
Hope you don't mind a lurker posting an ad if it's not for money.  Flame away 
to me (not the list, as I get digests) if it annoys you.

If anyone happens to want any of this:
Sun 3/80 (* 3!)
SPARCstation 1+
SPARCstation 10

they're welcome to come pick it up. Working status: Probably did, two years 
ago, when I stupidly thought I might eventually have the time and freedom and 
nous to muck around with them.  The hard drives in these are almost certainly 
toast, sorry; the systems have been in my poorly-suspensioned car for a drive 
on corrugated dirt road from the Monaro highway to the farm where I live, and 
back a year or so later.  They're in my office, and will be going to Renew 
(for want of a better idea) if nobody is interested.

There are old (Type 4?) keyboards and optical mice to go with these, but 
they're elsewhere, so if you want those let me know and I'll find them.
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