[clug] ATO ECI Client runs on Linux

Jim Watson jim at amarooas.com.au
Thu Apr 14 22:23:15 GMT 2005

The Australian Tax Office ECI Client for Mac OSX runs nicely on linux.
Briefly the method is to unpack the java application from the dmg file.
Users need the usual certificates issued by ATO.

a. Install CSI [1] as described by Bojan Smojver [2]
b. Download the eci client for macosx [3]
c. convert to iso using dmg2iso [4]
d. if necessary change the path to perl inside that script
e. convert to iso and mount that one as for CSI [2]
e. go down to ECIClientV5.app/Contents/Resources/Java
f. mv Resources resources
g. java -jar resources/z1/EciClient_Start.jar

[1] http://csi.business.gov.au
[2] http://itmaze.com.au/articles/ato/
[3] http://eci.ato.gov.au
[4] http://vu1tur.eu.org/tools/

Some alternative approaches:
for step (f) change the path in ecisettings.prop
for step (g) see classpath and command in Info.plist

Any suggestions or improvements are welcome. 



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