[clug] Ubuntu Disruptor

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au
Tue Apr 12 23:20:49 GMT 2005

Most of the LCA2005 boxes "behind-the-scenes" are running Ubuntu

I believe that free CDs of Ubuntu "Hoary-Hedgehog" may be given out
at LCA2005 to all delegates. I believe it also works very well on


Bob Edwards.

George Bray wrote:
> Sounds like a Klingon weapon. But no, I'm really trying to find some 
> professional comments on Ubuntu Linux <http://www.ubuntulinux.org/>.
> As someone who has tried a few distros with the aim of getting a usable, 
> reliable GUI and a "dummy's" way of installing and upgrading apps 
> (anyone for MacOS X?), I'm thinking Ubuntu is a remarkable step forward 
> for the intel crowd.
> Not only for me mucking about with FOSS, but also for the mums and dads 
> who are completely sick of the state of their Wintel box. By my 
> reckoning, the fact that Ubuntu can be up and running (without 
> command-line intervention, automatically configuring for old/new 
> hardware) in about 30 minutes is a grand opportunity for linux in general.
> What do you think? A flash in the pan? Just another fork? The next 
> intel-based platform?
>     geo

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