[clug] lca audioconf performance night

Simon Burton simon at arrowtheory.com
Tue Apr 12 07:54:24 GMT 2005


The lca-audioconf people are having a night of linux audio performance and jam at
Toast bar & cafe, next teusday april 19th. We'd like to invite all interested CLUGers to come along,
as the bar will be open to the general public. The event will start around 8pm.


We would also like to invite any interested/talented clug people to contribute to the nights performance.
Please email myself and Denis Crowdy ( dcrowdy at humn.mq.edu.au )
with your ideas, so that we can figure out how to accomodate you on the night.

The overall plan is to start around 8pm; with a sequence of 20-30 minute sets.
Later on (10pm or so) we will have jam sessions - but we would still like to keep them semi-structured.



Simon Burton, B.Sc.
Licensed PO Box 8066
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