[clug] DSL connection: modem or router?

Dave david.collett at dart.net.au
Tue Sep 28 08:53:40 GMT 2004

> I'm with Alex. I prefer the flexibility of having a full-blown Linux box as
> my "router". I use an ADSL modem in bridging mode, and run pppoe on Linux.
> You can't beat having tcpdump at hand when you're trying to diagnose a
> really bizarre networking problem.

I agree that it makes you *feel* better when you can see a few more
details about the error. In practice though, at least for me, it is
ALWAYS the ISP at fault when I have problems connecting to my ADSL
account. I know this, yet I still pull the modem out of the router and
into my PC to see whats up :) doesnt get me online any faster...

I also agree that an ethernet modem is the most flexible soln. I suggest
you get an ethernet ADSL modem. If you want wireless anyway, get a
cheaper wireless AP/router (without the ADSL builtin). You can still use
it as a quasi 'all-in-one' solution (no pc required) if you want to
because the AP/router should still support pppoe, even if it doesnt have
a builtin modem (you just plug the modem straight into the WAN port on
the router). Then you have all your options open. I can recommend the
Linksys WRT54G, it works well out of the box and is very 'hackable' if
you are that way inclined :)


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