[clug] Mini-ITX router guy

Daniel McNamara daniel at codefish.net.au
Fri Sep 24 05:41:24 GMT 2004

> I just wanted to thank the guy with the Mini-ITX router at the CLUG
> meeting last night - sorry, I don't remember your name - I probably
> should, but it escapes me at the moment.

No problems. I'm horrible with names myself.

> Anyway, I have now contacted PLC Peripherals and their 1RU unit is
> almost exactly what I have been searching for for the past couple
> of weeks - and the price is about right as well.

Excellent to hear. They are very nice units.

> Maybe one or the other of us could give a 5 minute talk about how
> we are using them at a future CLUG meeting?

Unfortunatley it won't be me as I'm jetting off for Brisbane in a few
weeks (new job). Last night was my last CLUG for a bit. While I'm at may I
say a big thanks to all the CLUGers for all the help and fun across the

Daniel McNamara
Code Fish Sys Admin

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