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Nerdvana - Stephen Walsh s.walsh at nerdvana.com.au
Fri Sep 24 04:41:22 GMT 2004

I stuck my hand up but didn't hear anything back. I'm still happy to take it
on if people have no objection.

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Does anyone know who the "current" webmaster is for the clug.org.au website?

I notice that it still lists Paul Matthews as the contact for meetings -
should surely be changed to Andrew Pollock (sorry, Michael - you missed out
being listed on this page, by the looks of it).

I would like to discuss having some sort of opt-in photo board for (semi-)
regular attendees so that we can more easily identify each other. Or maybe
just a list of links to people's own web pages which may or may not include
a photo on it.

Either way, it would need to have some sort of vetting process (a bit like
a PGP key). I don't want someone to post a picture of Bill Gates being pied
against my name!

So, who is the webmaster and what do people think about this sort of
threatening elevation to more of a community feel to CLUG?


Bob Edwards.

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