[clug] broadband ISPs in Canberra

John newsx1 at bestpond.com
Fri Sep 24 01:47:22 GMT 2004

> Dear Canberra Linux users,
> I am moving to Canberra next week, starting postdoc research at ANU.
> I'd like to hear what broadband providers you might recommend.
Strongly recommend Internode http://internode.on.net
assuming you can get adsl then internode is a quality provider, not 
necessarily the cheapest, but certainly have the quality service and 
support. Linux friendly  with mirrors available which do not count in 
your downloads.  also have some excellent streaming services, 
internet radio which does not count in downloads.
> I'm a Debian developer, so I'll need a fair bit of bandwidth to cover
> those activities (though I might be able to leverage ANU's mirror for
> updates).  I estimate 5-10GB per month would be plenty, though
> unlimited might perhaps be nice.  A static IP address would be
> optional, but again, may be nice.

Check out their plans you won't be disappointed.
> I'll be living in Charnwood to start with but might move closer to ANU
> later (anyone looking for a housemate?).

Hope this helps,


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