[clug] broadband ISPs in Canberra

Parsons, Drew ParsonsD at knox.nsw.edu.au
Fri Sep 24 00:11:14 GMT 2004

Dear Canberra Linux users,

I am moving to Canberra next week, starting postdoc research at ANU.

I'd like to hear what broadband providers you might recommend.

I'm a Debian developer, so I'll need a fair bit of bandwidth to cover those
activities (though I might be able to leverage ANU's mirror for updates).  I
estimate 5-10GB per month would be plenty, though unlimited might perhaps be
nice.  A static IP address would be optional, but again, may be nice.

I'll be living in Charnwood to start with but might move closer to ANU later
(anyone looking for a housemate?).

Have you had any particulary good experiences with any ISPs?  Or any
particularly bad ones that I should avoid?

Thanks (and see you soon...),

Drew Parsons
dparsons at emerall.com
dparsons at debian.org

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