[clug] Question about 2 samba servers on the same network

brendanh at bendigo.net.au brendanh at bendigo.net.au
Wed Sep 22 23:19:22 GMT 2004

How do I (or even can I) use the users/groups from an existing (and working)
Samba file server to authenticate/log in users to a second Samba server that
will be sharing a printer to fax system.

I have an existing samba file server with users/groups already setup. I am
trialling a (Hyla)FAX installation on the second machine and now wish to
print to a Samba-defined fax-printer using a Windows client. I have the info
to do this, just not the knowledge on how to authenticate the users without
having to setup 2 seperate user/groups lists.

Hope this makes sense,

Brendan Henderson

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