Samba + OpenLDAP demo (was Re: [clug] talks for future CLUG and PSIG meetings)

Alex Satrapa grail at
Mon Sep 20 01:59:57 GMT 2004

On 18 Sep 2004, at 21:17, Andrew Pollock wrote:

> If you've ever had a niggling urge to give a talk, but haven't gotten 
> around
> to it, now's your chance to set a date so you've got something to work
> towards.

I'd like to do a "Samba + OpenLDAP" install from bare metal sometime - 
perhaps November? Ultimately, if planned correctly, this could be a 
"home network installfest"... read on for more.

We (at the Australian Phenomics Facility) use OpenLDAP to support 
Samba, Postfix, Cyrus IMAPd, PAM and friends. In order to ensure that I 
can correctly pass on the knowledge of how to maintain the system, I'd 
like to demonstrate setting it up.

Done once, done right, done with Debian, of course ;)

If I'm organised enough, we could even turn it into a 
home-network-installfest. Bring along your own (home/office) 
network-server-to-be and a client, and we can go through all the steps 
of setting up the Linux server to talk to Linux, *BSD, Mac OS X, and 
Windows clients, including the brainless stuff like DHCP, and how to 
configure the network to support visiting clients, handling 
transient/on-demand versus permanent connections, etc.

Though I expect simply setting up Samba with OpenLDAP and taking that 
for a run around the virtual block will consume most of the time for a 
CLUG meeting (esp when people start robust debates upon the topics of 
namespaces, server division, caching of results, indexing of LDAP 
directories, etc).

Anyhow, there's an idea which I'm willing to pursue if anyone is 


"If knowledge can create problems, it is not through ignorance that we 
can solve them."  --Isaac Asimov

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