[clug] Attack Against Port 6881?

James Smith jsmith at postregister.com
Thu Sep 16 14:57:25 GMT 2004

If you have not resolved this issue, port 6881-6889 are used in a file share client called bittorrent. Derivatives of that client are azureus, and bittornado. A DoS can easily be carried out if a false file share is created and directed at your IP. The amount of traffic that you are seeing is quite typical for movie or music download. I would suggest you scan your network with DSNS for port 6881. DSNS is a free network scanner downloadable at: http://lordi.styleliga.org/dsns/download.html. You may have someone having fun at your expense.

Good luck

James Smith
Network Administrator/Computer Security Analyst
for the Post Register 

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