[clug] Strange thing with Samba/VFS module

Brendan Henderson brendan.henderson at augers.com.au
Thu Sep 9 03:01:19 GMT 2004

I have a working smb configuration and have just added the VFS 'recycle'
module/options to interrupt users deleting files and move them to a .deleted
directory in the particular share. However, in 1 share called [documents]
whenever I "create a new file" (OpenOffice.org files in this case) a copy of
this file is also entered into the .deleted folder under the new file owners
user name. Details below:-


 writeable = yes
 path = /usr/sambashare/documents
 comment = Documents fileshare on SERVER2
 revalidate = yes

 vfs objects = recycle
 recycle:repository = .deleted/%U
 recycle:keeptree = Yes
 recycle:touch = Yes
 recycle:versions = Yes
 recycle:maxsize = 0
 recycle:exclude = *.tmp
 recycle:exclude_dir = /tmp


Hoping someone can shed some light.

Brendan Henderson

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