[clug] [Wanted] Someone to manage CLUG meetings

Nigel Cunningham ncunningham at linuxmail.org
Mon Sep 6 05:38:29 GMT 2004


On Mon, 2004-09-06 at 15:26, Stephen Rothwell wrote:
> > It should be the ANU Linux users group. Most canberrans I've spoken to
> > are put off going to the meetings
> > At ANU for 2 primary reasons, the location and lack of access to the
> > venue, and more importantly, the antics of it's regular members.
> What do you mean by "lack of access"?  It is accessible to anyone, I would
> imagine - it is on the ground floor (at least where we start out), anyone
> is allowed on the premises, it is close to adequate parking and not overly
> far from busses.  You do have to hold meetings somewhere and ANU is, at
> least, fairly central.  It also doesn not cost us anything - which is a
> consideration for a group whose membership fees are zero.

I'm not an ANU student or faculty member, but I have no problems
attending. Parking is no problem at 7pm, and there's always someone
handy to let you in if the door isn't already open. I have to driver 20
minutes from Tuggeranong, but I'm sure there are people driving from
Gungalin(sp?) too.


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